Friday, October 29, 2010


6 Core Values at Work (Part 1): Improve Someone’s Life

Several months ago, I announced a challenge I planned to implement into my position as a book editor—take my eyes off the page and become an intentional relationship-building editor. This goal is based on incorporating these six values into my professional and personal interactions:

  1. Do more than expected.
  2. Make a difference.
  3. Make time for people.
  4. If something’s wrong, make it right.
  5. Improve someone’s life.
  6. Do the right thing.
And I have found the perfect opportunity to activate number 5, “Improve someone’s life.”

I have a writer friend whose work is relevant, their thoughts are timely, and they have uncanny charisma. They have a wonderful product they need to move. After all, what's the point in doing all that writing if no one's going to read it, and even more, it's so good!

So this writer friend is ready to go with a great product in an outstanding package and a decent platform, but as with most indie authors, there isn't a huge marketing budget behind it.

But I believe in this book. I believe that the topic is so pertinent to today’s time that if I were to assist this author with my little social media knowledge and their charm with their contacts, life can be breathed into this title. For sure, life will be breathed into the author's expectations, and, in turn, life will be breathed into the target audience. I have this feeling that the market is waiting for an author like this to succeed.

This is just what editors do who value people over products and passion over price. While certain industry critics think editors don’t care or aren’t as skilled and passionate about doing a good job as they used to be, there are still so many who do—even in-house editors.

This author does not know what I have in store just yet, but I plan to step in, offer my assistance and encouragement, and improve their life! I’ll let you know what happens.

Is there someone you could breathe new life into? Are they facing a problem for which you can clearly see a solution? Why don’t you reach out to them and improve their life?
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