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Pneuma Writers

Write with Jevon


An exclusive Spirit-inspired writing community and coaching program

“The Spirit gives life….The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.”

—John 6:63, ESV

Pneuma Writers is a community of inspired writers who desire to hear what God is saying and to write what He says. This company of writers write and publish words that bring new life into the world around them.

Spirit. Words. Life—Pneuma. Rhema. Zoe.

These three ancient words spoken by Jesus in John 6:63 make up the central focus for Pneuma Writers.

  • The word pneuma is a Greek word that means simply “spirit,” “life,” or “breath.”

  • The Greek word for spoken words is rhema.

  • Finally, zoe is the Greek word for “life.”

Pneuma Writers hear rhema from God and write what they hear to bring zoe and the pneuma of God into every space their work occupies.

Breathing Life into Your Writing

Building on the principles of the book Pray Hear Write: 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Breakthrough in Your Writing by best-selling editor and writer Jevon Bolden, this community fosters an environment where you can get the practical support you need to carry out God’s specific plans concerning your call to write.

Whether you write children or adult books, fiction or nonfiction, or poetry or screenplays, joining the Pneuma Writers’ community will connect you with faith-filled publishing expertise and other like-minded writers who get you and your passion to write.

You will benefit from

  • Professional support and guidance grounded in faith and informed by real-world education and book industry knowledge and experience

  • Group accountability throughout the various stages of your writing and publishing journey

  • Tips, advice, and direction on what to write, how to write it, and when to release it

  • Seasons of prayer and agreement for accomplishing the writing tasks ahead

  • And so much more


Pneuma Writers community and coaching program is designed to meet you wherever you are in your writing journey with three level of membership, each with its own level of engagement to help you accomplish your writing and publishing goals.


Includes 12-month access to the Pneuma Writers’ exclusive Facebook group, where you will get

  • 365 daily Spirit-inspired writing prompts and exercises to keep writer’s block away and creativity flowing

  • Monthly FB Live discussions, trainings, tutorials, and check-ins about the writing life and getting published

  • Guest expert and author interviews and workshops

  • Writing, editing, marketing, and publishing tools and checklists

  • Group support and accountability

  • Exclusive first access and special discounts on Jevon’s writing resources

  • Pre-early bird rates to future live and online events, write-ins, and workshops

$29 Monthly



If you sign up today, you will get these bonuses:

1. One 15-minute coaching call

Must be scheduled within the first 30 days of your membership

2. One copy of one of three ebooks from Jevon’s book shop. Choose from:

3. Immediate download of Jevon’s Get Published e-Course: “The Publishing Process: Positioning Your Book for Success




(space is limited)

Upgrade your Pneuma Basic membership with this 3-, 6-, or 12-month community plus coaching plan and get the one-on-one attention and accountability your project deserves. Start with a bang and finish well.

  • Everything Pneuma Basic for the length of Pneuma Premium membership + bonuses

  • One 60-minute one-on-one coaching call per month (The first one-on-one coaching session includes evaluation or development of your book’s outline, an assessment of your writing goals, and customizing a writing plan that works for you.)

  • Session notes and action steps for your next month of writing

  • 15 percent discount on all Embolden Media Group content services contracted during the time of Pneuma Premium membership

  • Automatic roll over to Pneuma Basic upon completion of your 3-, 6-, or 12-month Pneuma Premium membership upgrade


$149 Monthly



(space is very limited)

For serious writers who have their eyes on the prize—direct coaching plus step-by-step writing critique! Upgrade your Pneuma Basic membership with this 3-, 6-, or 12-month elite community plus coaching plan to get the one-on-one attention and accountability your project deserves. Start with a bang and finish well.

  • Everything Pneuma Basic for the length of Pneuma Elite membership + bonuses

  • Everything Pneuma Premium for the length of Pneuma Elite membership

  • Annotation/notes on up to 7,000 words of content related to the project you are working on (must be sent one week prior to call)

  • Full email support between calls

  • Automatic roll over to Pneuma Basic membership upon completion of your 3-, 6-, or 12-month Pneuma Elite membership upgrade

$299 Monthly



Thank you so much, Jevon, for my book consult.
Really helped me streamline my focus and approach.
You are great at what you do!
— LaToya S., writer and coaching client
So, I had my 15-minute telephone appointment with Jevon Bolden today and began writing about 20 minutes after our conversation. Lo and behold, less than an hour after I started writing, 515 words appeared on the pages of my journal. I kid you not—INSPIRATION, REVELATION, CONFIRMATION. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I am in the right group, connected to the right vessel. Thank you, Jevon, for being who you are—God’s anointed and appointed gift to the body of Christ. I am encouraged.
— Debra C., Pneuma Writer member