Getting to Know You

Thank you so much for joining Pneuma Writers. We are a company of writers who will write and publish the word of the Lord (Psalm 68:11)! As we get started on this new quest together, I’d like to get to know you and your writing goals so together we can fulfill your purpose for being here. By God’s grace, we will become each other’s support through the writing, editing, and publishing process. I see us helping each other become the writing and publishing successes God envisioned when He planted the seed in us to write.

As we grow, I want to make sure you are getting you what you need from me to grow as a writer and succeed in what God has set in your heart to do. And by getting this information now, I will also be able to show you how far you’ve come each step of the way. So in the boxes below, please answer the following questions:

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