Get Published 3-Course Bundle


Get Published 3-Course Bundle

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A fantastic value!

Perfect for authors seeking traditional publishing or independent/self-publishing AND independent editors who’ve not worked in a publishing house

Three courses cover it all!

  1. How to Choose the Right Editor for Your Book

  2. Insider Secrets to Getting an Acquisitions Editor’s Attention

  3. The Publishing Process and How to Position Your Book for Success

Chock-full of industry insider tips and insights, these three courses arm you with knowledge and strategies so that you are not only positioned for success but, most of all, that your book gets into the hands of those who need it most. You will learn:

  • How the book publishing industry works

  • Who are the key players

  • The strategies behind best-sellers and successful book launches

  • How to negotiate for the right partnerships and services

  • And so much more!

Join fifteen-year publishing professional Jevon Bolden as she lets you in behind the scenes to what goes on in acquisition board meetings and the desks of editors around the country. This e-course bundle will help you get equipped, get strategic, and get published.