It’s August, or should I say AWE-GUST.

I love prophetic word play. This month I was inspired to pray for you that during the month of August, you experience the awe of God in ways you’ve never before. May His handiwork in your life knock you back, blow you off your feet. May the wind of His Spirit sweep you up into new heights. May you be swept up, lifted, to a place where His ear is nearest your mouth and His face is close to shine upon all that concerns you and yours. Whatever’s in your life that’s down be swept up, lifted, in the name of Jesus.

May you be in awe. May you be swept up in gusts of blessing. 💨 Gusts of favor. 💨 Gusts of joy. 💨Gusts of peace. 💨 Gusts of love and confidence. 💨 Gusts of opportunity. 💨 Gusts of resources and help. 💨 Gusts of power. 💨 Gusts of creativity. 💨 Gusts of strength and empowerment.

When I think of a gust of wind, I see an open window through which a strong and unexpected wind blows making the papers on a desk fly all over the place. May gusts of paper (💵) fly in your direction. May you catch it all.

May you be struck to silence with awe. May the awe and glory of God overtake you this month. Awe and majesty. Awe at the wonderful works of God. Awe at the roads He makes in the wilderness. Awe at the rivers He streams through the desert places.

May you feel gust after gust of the winds of His Spirit against your back pushing you forward (you can do it) and blowing open doors no one can shut, making the hard easy and the closed open.

May the right gusts come and move you quickly into maximum sustained winds. May you not just have short bursts or gusts of intense blessing or enablement. But let the season of awe be a sustained season, in Jesus’s name.

This message is adapted from my original post on my Facebook timeline.