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For more than fifteen years, Jevon Bolden has served in various editorial roles for both Christian and mainstream traditional publishers—from copyeditor to senior acquisitions editor.

At Charisma House Book Group, Jevon served as senior acquisitions editor, managing the company’s front list for its integrative health imprint, Siloam. She also managed key author relationships for the publisher’s flagship imprint, Charisma House. Acquiring a diverse group of new and seasoned, inspirational voices and giving them the wind they needed to see their life messages soar and reach the masses were what drove Jevon to be an insightful and strategic leader and team member at Charisma House. For more than 12 years, Jevon worked with New York Times and CBA best-selling authors such as Don Colbert, Cherie Calbom (aka The Juice Lady), John Eckhardt, Cindy Trimm, Michelle McClain-Walters, David Ireland, R. T. Kendall, and more. Jevon contributed outstanding content and provided irreplaceable editorial and acquisitions skills that positioned the company for growth long after her departure.

In her next adventure, Jevon served as senior editor for Scholastic Book Fairs book imprint, Tangerine Press. Joining their innovative and energetic team, she hit the ground running cultivating a stunning list of nonfiction children’s books, activity kits, stationery, and schools supplies. Working with brands such as Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Disney, Lucas Films, Moose Toys, and more, Jevon worked to aim the imprints’ content at the center of every reluctant child reader’s heart and interests, helping to fulfill Scholastic’s mission of creating lifelong readers. She also served as one of the decision makers on the company’s Book Selection committee helping to review and select books that would appear in more than 120,000 book fairs every year.

Twice a year, she and a team of about 40 children’s book publishing professionals would read, write reviews, and attend sales presentations for more than 4,000 children’s and young adult books from book publishers around the world. As one of the winners of the company’s coveted Book of Distinction Award, Jevon was recognized for her efforts to maximized her team’s opportunities within the company, helping to bring Tangerine Press the internal attention it deserved and making it more of a company asset than was seen before her tenure.

Now leading her own publishing consulting firm, Embolden Media Group, she remains an essential editorial partner, ghostwriter, writing coach, publishing consultant, and now literary agent for a number of ABA and CBA best-selling authors, while she and her team provide custom editorial and publishing services to independent authors around the world.

She has experience in a broad range of topics including natural health and wellness, spiritual and personal growth, Christian living, and children’s nonfiction.

Jevon has a bachelor of arts degree in English with a minor in sociology from the University of Alabama.


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Here are some kind words from authors...


Here are some kind words from authors...


Jevon has worked with some of the most talented and passionate authors and artists. Here's what some of them had to say about working with her through the writing and editorial process.


Jevon is an excellent editor. She is both enjoyable and encouraging to work with and very professional as well. Her edits and creative additions are something I highly value for my manuscripts. I've worked with her for more than five years. She is one of the best editors I've had in my twenty plus career as a writer.

Cherie Calbom is a leading authority on juicing for health and detoxification. Known as The Juice Lady, TV chef, and celebrity nutritionist, she has helped in pioneering the fresh juice movement around the world. 

Braxton Cosby

Jevon is a fabulous editor with the experience and 'know-how' to format a book from front to back. She worked on my upcoming health book Fat Free For Life: 13 Principles for Guaranteed Weight Loss and Ultimate Health with Charisma House Publishing. She works well with authors and pulls the very best out of the project to make their work shine. Highly recommend her to anyone needing to find a person with an amazing editorial eye.

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Jevon’s insight, wisdom, and astronomical editing skills and ideas are beyond my ability to put into words. I could not appropriately captivate her expertise through mere statements. I can say that she has made my first experience both enjoyable and memorable. Thank you, Jevon, for being such a pleasure to work with, and allowing my voice and heart to penetrate throughout every page while showcasing your intelligence and competence. I am indebted to you for making Holy Spirit Speaks all that it is.

Delatorro McNeal II

Jevon Bolden is awesome! She is a wonderful editor who really seeks to learn the author's voice and does a masterful job of maintaining it throughout the book edit. Jevon edited my brand new book entitled, Caught Between a Dream and a Job, How to Leave the 9 to 5 Behind, and Step Into the Life You've Always Wanted. She made me feel extremely comfortable with the entire process, provided excellent recommendations and changes, and helped me take my work to the next level. She is extremely professional and personable as well, which is very refreshing. I love her dearly and highly recommend her for your next success project.

Delatorro McNeal, II, CEO/President, Delatorro Worldwide Empowerment, and author of Caught Between a Dream and Job 

Dondi scumaci

Jevon Bolden is talented, thorough, and inspiring. I was thrilled to have Jevon as the developmental editor for Career Moves. She did a fabulous job! Jevon is proactive and insightful. She manages deadlines and objectives with such grace. Thank you Jevon for investing yourself so beautifully in the success of others!

Dondi Scumaci, President, Dondi Scumaci, Inc., author of Career MovesReady, Set... Grow, and Designed for Success

Billy Wright

Jevon Bolden's sensitivity to the intent of an artist, creative ear for poetic clarity, and her natural ability to provide compelling prose, brings out the very best for any artist who is looking to be heard.

Billy Wright, singer/songwriter

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Brian L. Curry

Jevon's spirit of excellence is very refreshing. She's efficient, effective, and able to accurately capture the essence of a writer's message and mantle and then clearly convey that to others with clarity and power. 
Her work on my project was impeccable. She's definitely top of the line and I would most definitely seek to acquire her services and skill set again.

Kara Davis, MD

Jevon and I have worked together for several years now. One of the most amazing things about her is her ability to connect with the author, and not just the manuscript. I’m convinced this is how she brings out the best in every writer she works with. I find her to be professional, efficient and capable. And since writing is not my “day job,” I needed someone like Jevon, who is attentive and respectful of both my time as well as my other obligations.

Dr. Kara Davis, Doctor of Internal Medicine, and author of Spiritual Secrets to Weight Loss, Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart, and Timeless

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Ross Rohde

Jevon was the editor for my book Viral Jesus. She was easy to work with and very quick to respond to my questions. Her answers were always helpful. Many writers fear that an editor will change their message or take over their voice. This was clearly not the case with Jevon. She just made my book better. I highly recommend her.

Ross Rohde, Simple Church Planting Coach, thejesusvirus.org, and author of Viral Jesus

Darren Schalk

I moonlight as an author; by day I’m a mild-mannered editor. And as such, I know that an editor faces a great challenge when making changes to a manuscript while trying to keep the author’s voice and intended meaning. Jevon is masterful at this. She sees the big picture and the tiny details, and truly makes the work better from start to finish. I consider her an editorial ninja--she cuts, chops, slices, and adds but once she's done, no one ever knows she was there.

Darren Schalk, Coordinator of Christian Education and Curriculum Development, Church of God of Prophecy; Associate Editor, One Accord Resources, Inc.; author, Stuff I Hate About God