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Jevon feels blessed to have lived such wonderful experiences and acquired skills and knowledge over her fifteen-plus years as a book publishing professional. She offers keynotes, workshops, and one-on-one onsite consulting to strengthen, encourage, and equip writers, authors, and other leaders and communicators.

Her topics include:

Insider Secrets to Getting Traditionally Published


Best Methods for Cultivating Compelling Content

Strategies for Writing Well within Specific Nonfiction Genres

Writing and editing for Diverse Audiences

How to Build Your Author Platform

Beginning Tips to Rocking Social Media

Finding Success as a Self-Published Author

Choosing the Right Editor

What You Need to Know to Survive the Editing Process

Nurturing Creativity and Overcoming Writer’s Block

And more!






March 8-9, 2019  Orlando, FL

March 8-9, 2019

Orlando, FL

This gifted woman of God shared amazing strategies and a Word—the anointed ready writer.
— Rochelle H., Facebook
Your voice keeps ringing in my ears! I’m already seeing breakthrough in my time spent with God on my next writing project.
— Jessica M., Facebook
I attended the conference today and was thoroughly inspired. Thank you.
— Rachel N., Facebook
I so enjoyed and thankful for the equipping from this bootcamp.
— Diane J., Facebook
Feedback from    Declare Conference    2018    Dallas, TX

Feedback from Declare Conference 2018

Dallas, TX

I loved meeting you at Declare! Your pre-conference session was really insightful, helping me to better understand the publishing process. You were relatable, approachable, and eager to answer questions too!
— Amy M.
Godeous girl! You are absolutely amazing and I love following you on social media! You are such a blessing and I’ll never forget.
— Terry H.
Thanks so much for your time at Declare!! I was also so encouraged after meeting you!!! I was so nervous about sharing my ideas with a ‘publisher’ and you made me feel at ease and gave me so much confidence!!!
— Margie F.
Your feedback at Declare has driven me to see my book proposal anew—with fresh eyes and purpose. Hello, Lovely is on its way. Thank you!
— Juleeta H.
Anonymous Feedback from    ACES Annual Conference   , 2017    St. Petersburg, FL

Anonymous Feedback from ACES Annual Conference, 2017

St. Petersburg, FL

Really inspiring!
Effective and engaging. I took away a lot from this session.
Solid job.
Good discussion and some really good tools provided.
Great session. Casual, yet informative and encouraging. Editors were challenged to take up the responsibility to stay woke—well-informed and up-to-date on social, political, and cultural issues. Great interaction with audience. The speaker gave chocolate to everyone!
Ms. Bolden did a wonderful job. I loved her examples and tips. This is such an important topic.
Very helpful session!
Feedback from  Write It Publishing Boot Camp   Orlando, FL

Feedback from Write It Publishing Boot Camp

Orlando, FL

Jevon Bolden did a phenomenal presentation on publishing and editing at Write It!
— John Eckhardt, best-selling author and Write It conference host
Excellent presenter! This session brought deliverance to me as a perfectionist. Thank you!
— Gloria S.
Your session was phenomenal and full of great info!
— Stephanie H.
Refreshing… Down to Earth… Humble…
— Beverly B.
I love your transparency as an editor.
— Kim C.
Very professional and down to earth. She is very knowledgeable about her field, very informative and helpful.
— Reginald R.
What an outstanding presentation you and your team did today. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend but was blessed to be on streaming. You were extremely thorough, and I obtained lots of info which will assist me in the writing process.
— Doris G.
You are a wealth of knowledge. The advice you gave me at the conference was phenomenal....You challenged me to build a platform for myself in order to better launch my first book. I am working on those things.
— Nakia B.
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Upcoming Events


May 24-28, 2020, Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference, Faculty


March 24-25, 2020, Writing for Your Life – Charlotte, Speaker

topic: agents of Literary change:
the role of literary agents in diversifying book publishing


November 5-6, 2019, ECPA PubU, Speaker

topic: Amplifying Diverse Voices:
Exploring a New Paradigm for Successfully Publishing Christian Authors of Color

October 19, 2019, Publishing in Color - Nashville, Speaker

topic: literary Agent—An author’s best Friend

September 17, 2019, Write with Us One-Day Challenge, Speaker

topic: Write start to finish Well

August 29-31, The Chosen Conference, Orlando, Vendor

Previous Events

July 17, 2019, Plan. Purpose. Pursue Challenge with John Eckhardt, Guest Speaker

topic: Write the plan

July 2, 2019, Alabama A & M University’s the Write Place Writing Center, Guest Speaker

topic: learn How to tell your story workshop

June 27-29, 2019, The Entrusted Women Retreat, Speaker/Panelist

topic: Get Published: What Every Woman of Color Needs To Know About Book Publishing

June 15, 2019, Real Victory Radio, Special Guest

topic: Pray hear write and why reflection matters

May 29, 2019, Coach Laura Brown and the Write Womb Author Incubator, Special Guest

topic: Meet the agent Q & A Webinar

March 28-30, 2019, ACES 23rd Annual National Conference, Panelist

topic: Women in management

March 8-9, 2019, Becoming Women’s Conference, Speaker

topic: Women amplifying their voice and influence through writing

November 13, 2018, Publishing Secrets Webinar Series: From Concept to Customer, Speaker

topic: The Editorial Process for Independent Authors

October 9, 2018, Christian Women Communicators of Color Network FB Live Events, Speaker/Presenter

topic: How to Become a Ghostwriter

October 4-6, 2018, Declare Conference, Speaker

topic: How to Stand Out in the Publishing Industry

February 21-25, 2018, Florida Christian Writers Conference, Speaker/Mentor/Presenter

topic: Writing Devos: Personal Experiences to Personal Story

topic: 7 Secrets to Manuscript Acceptance

February 20-21, 2018, Write Now with Sophia Ruffin, Speaker/Presenter

topic: Everything new Authors Need to Know About the Editorial Process

October 29, 2017, Rising Stars: Young Achievers, Links, Inc., Daytona Beach Chapter, STEAM Panelist

Topic: What does a book editor do and what is the career path?

April 28-29, 2017, Write It Publishing Boot Camp, Speaker/Presenter

topic: Book Publishing 101—Writing, Editing, and publishing your book

March 23-25, 2017, ACES National Conference, Speaker/Presenter

topic: Editing for Diverse Audiences