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A 50- to 100-word bio similar to what would go on the back of your book cover will suffice in helping me get to know you.
A 250-word summary should be enough to give me an idea.
To find the word count, if you’ve written your book in Microsoft Word, click on “Tools” in the menu bar. Then select “Word Count.” A box will appear. Find “Words,” then enter that number here. Note: standard nonfiction trade book is 50,000-70,000 words; fiction is 70,000-90,000 words and up.
Who is your target audience? For example: yourself (a family keepsake), Christians, people who want to lose weight or get healthy, baby boomers, millennials, children (ages 3-5), middle schoolers, young adults, married couples, college students, career women, leaders, men, and the like. Please include age group or ethnicity, if either applies.
Share your heart for the message of your book. What do you hope to accomplish by publishing it?
Special features may include elements such as charts, tables, or graphs; interactive features such as journaling pages or questions; prayers, confessions, or affirmations; and the like.
List the titles of the books or articles you’ve published. Were they self-published or traditionally published?
Consider that the editorial process can take approximately 2–4 months. Writing coaching, ghostwriting, book doctoring, or rewriting can take approximately 6–12 months.