Today’s post is written by a sister, not by blood but by spirit. We share the same family name, and we are still investigating if we are related. The truth will be revealed soon enough. We have been circling around in the same web community for some time. She writes. I write. She publishes. I publish. I thought it was past time for us to join forces and bring some hope and inspiration to writers out there. What impresses me about D’Andrea is that she keeps her creative fires stoked and manages to write entire books in just a few short weeks, while still tending to a thriving ministry and growing family. So, when I hear writers say they don’t have the time to write, I would love for them to meet inspirational writers like D’Andrea. And so here you go. Writers, meet D’Andrea. She is going to share with you five tips to keep your creativity flowing and your skill as writer growing.

What you speak lasts a moment, but what you write can last for generations.

D’Andrea Bolden

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Can you believe that I won my first award as an author when I was in the second grade? My book The Pizza Man surprisingly won first place that year. So, it should not be a shock to you that I am a published author today. Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with and coaching Christian authors all around the country. Because of my interactions with a plethora of Christian writers, I have recognized a few common themes that tend to be an issue. Based on what I have learned over the years, I have listed five tips for aspiring Christian writers.

1. Be Organized

A lot of writers have no clue how to approach writing, and in many cases, they are extremely unorganized. Typically, these are the kind of people who struggle to start or even finish a book. Over the years, I have been able to help people overcome writer’s block or the inability to start a book just by teaching them how to be organized. We serve a God who is orderly, so we should be orderly in all that we do. Taking the time to get organized can be a simple and practical way to unlock the writer in you.

2. Be Spirit-Led

If we are Christian writers, then our writings should point people back to the Father. Surely, it only makes sense that if we are writing for God and releasing His message in the earth, then He should be part of the process. It is imperative that we partner with the Holy Spirit from start to finish. We do this by praying and actively listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. There is no one wiser than our all-knowing God. He will never lead us astray. Although many times, we neglect to seek Him.

3. Be Unique

Resist the urge to mimic your favorite Christian author. The world does not need a carbon copy of someone else. When you think of the letters DNA, think of “do nothing alike.” God created you to be unique, so let your uniqueness shine through. Your readers deserve to get a glimpse of who you are through your writings. Do not let the success of someone else cause you to try and be a duplicate. In a day and age where books are popping up every day, you should embrace and showcase your uniqueness.

4. Be Educated

Most Christian authors have no clue what they are getting into when they decide to write a book. Many people do not understand the work involved with publishing a book. And many do not realize that writing a book is the beginning and not the end. Most Christian writers put so much effort into writing a book that they have no plan to actually sell books. I tell people all the time you might be anointed to write books but, you are also in the business of selling books. Take the time to educate yourself, or hire someone who is skilled and has enough knowledge to get you from A to Z.

5. Be Heard

I tell people all the time, if man will not give you a mic, God will anoint your pen. Some people will never preach in a church setting, but they may be called and graced to write. Writing allows you to speak loud and clear without speaking one audible word. Release your message and find your audience through the power of writing.

D’Andrea Bolden is the author of If You Can Prophesy You Can Write. To date, she has written a total of ten books and is the founder of D’Andrea Bolden Ministries Global. D’Andrea is also the cofounder of Raising Prophets a website for parents and their prophetic children. She resides in Michigan with her husband John and their two anointed children. For more information about D’Andrea’s ministries and books, please visit and