“How do I get my book published?”

What aspiring authors really want to know is, How can I get my manuscript accepted and see my book in bookstores around the country and maybe around the world?

This frequently asked question has inspired best-selling editor and ghostwriter Jevon Bolden to write and publish her new book, Get Published: Seven Secrets to Getting Your Manuscript Accepted. This simple, easy-to-read guide demystifies the publishing industry for new writers. What’s more, it reveals what you need to know and do before submitting your manuscripts to publishers. Helpful tips and insights include:

  • How to define your publishing goals

  • Why it’s critical to know your topic and audience well

  • How to get to know the industry

  • What a good agent can do for you

  • And much more!

By unlocking all seven secrets revealed in this book, you will learn how to successfully navigate the world of publishing.

If you know it is time to invest in your own dreams of becoming a published author and increase your chances of getting your book published, click the image below to download your free copy of GET PUBLISHED right now!

Jevon Bolden is an established editor and ghostwriter. Offering fourteen years of in-house traditional publishing experience, she has partnered with best-selling authors on wide range topics and genres, including personal growth, natural health and wellness, and children’s nonfiction.