I launched into uncharted waters in 2017, propelled by an exponential influx of work I did not foresee. It was so much that I was forced to make a choice--keep my day job or follow the demand. I chose to follow the demand and shifted to focus full-time on my budding company, Embolden Media Group.

As I set out, I stumbled through the transition, missed deadlines, asked for grace and mercy, and said "I'm sorry" a lot, trying to find my way.

Looking Back

When I look back at what I was able to do, I am grateful. In the midst of working full-time as senior editor for Scholastic, traveling and speaking at conferences, continuing my graduate studies, and caring for my family, I still managed to put out some great work. Last year, I:

  • Edited 35 books and wrote most of their marketing copy

  • Ghostwrote 5 books

  • Wrote 17 blog articles and 2 academic research papers

  • Read 15 books

  • And authored my own first book

(How did I do it? It's a blur, really. But I don't recall sleeping much. Some things went undone. I have had incredible help and support, and am surrounded by nice people who gave me grace when I hit the wall a few times. The main thing I didn't do was fall out and cry. LOL!)

Remains of the Year

I still have a couple projects from 2017 to complete, and I am grateful for all those who have been patient with me, encouraging me and telling me I can do it. I am also grateful for the lessons I learned about how much work I can realistically take on.

Looking Forward

This year, I look forward to trimming my workload down some and being more intentional about what projects I take on. So with that, I announce:


What you can still get in on between now and then:

  1. Edits and To-the-Printer Packages (case by case)

  2. Manuscript critiques and individual consulting calls

Available after June 1

  1. Content development services (to help you find the right book to write next; to discover your target audience; to develop a compelling summary and outline--great for those who are good writers and want to write their own books but need direction)

  2. One-on-one writing coaching sessions (monthly critiques and accountability while you write your book)

  3. Developmental editing package (a combo of 1 and 2; great for first-time authors)

To learn more about my services, visit my Services page, or reach out to my team and me at info@jevonbolden.com.

I am looking forward to seeing how my new intention toward quality will work for my business. What practices are you putting to the test to see an improvement in certain areas of your life this year?