A brand new set of writing prompts for your October writing.

The blank page can be intimidating. With writing prompts, you have the benefit of beginning your writing session each day with a theme, topic, or focus. The goal is that, as you write according to the prompt, you can be led into writing what you need to write. Here is how I challenge the writers I coach to take full advantage of writing prompts:


  • Set your writing time for early morning, while the day is young and quiet. I'm talking 5:00-7:00 a.m. Can you do it?

  • Plan to write at least 500 words at each session. If you hit a flow, don't stop.

  • Mark your words. What themes or questions did you uncover while writing that you may want to explore more during your next writing session? Circle, highlight, or underline them.

If you think about it, these prompts can provide you with topic ideas for your next month of blog posts, podcasts, or devotional entries. To be coached on how these writing prompts can be expanded into valuable content for your book, consider joining Pneuma Writers Writing Community and Coaching Program. We build on these writing prompts with in-depth writing exercises, practices, and teachings.